This post officially kicks off our blog series here at Founder Shield, and for right now, we’ll keep it short and sweet. 

Here’s a quick look at our major goals we’d like to accomplish with this blog:

  • Transparency – if you’ve ever had to get insurance for your company, you know it can be incredibly confusing.  And good advice is pretty hard to come by.  Maybe you’ve even developed the notion that there’s some big conspiracy out there to keep you in the dark on this stuff.  You know…to keep the terms and concepts muddled to sell more products.  We’d like to think that notion is harsh, but maybe you’re not terribly far off.  It certainly isn’t easy to find great information about commercial insurance, and it’s near impossible to find information applicable to startups.  We aim to change that.  Big time.
  • Education – of course it’s important to have insurance to cover you when something goes wrong.  But insurance is the retroactive solution! If you really want to succeed as a company, a proactive approach is crucial.  We’ll certainly provide great content explaining all the important insurance products, but we realize that it’s just as important to help our clients understand how to take risk management into their own hands.  Because once that first round of funding closes, things get real.  You’ll be surprised how many legal woes come out of the woodwork once you’re making some serious revenue or someone writes you a big check!  Risk management may not be the primary concern to the disruptive companies of startup world, it should certainly be on the radar.  We’ll make sure that you have the resources to understand where you may be exposed and how to limit that exposure.


Like I said, we’ll keep this blog post short.  We just wanted you to know that whether you’re closing a fresh institutional round or just building out your team, we’re confident that you’ll be able to look to this blog for some good advice along the way.  We look forward to growing with you!


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