Anyone who has ever had a job in any company, at any level, has experienced workplace stress. It’s simply inevitable – comes with the territory. These particular professional stressors have a nasty habit of sneaking into our personal lives and affecting sleep patterns, dietary habits and weight fluctuation. There are certain measures that can be taken in order to more effectively manage the anxiety and pressures associated with a growing career. Here a few tips relieve stress and feel better at work:

  1. Lunchtime meditation – The internet is brimming with tons of easy DIY tutorials  (YouTube videos, blogs, apps etc.), you can do at your desk, or with your team in the office. Another option is to find a local spot where you can take a 30 minute reprieve from work and re-center (we happen to have a Kadampa Meditation two doors down!).
  2. Communicate, communicate, communicate – Let your manager/team members know how you’re feeling so they can support you.  Work together to get into a better headspace, feel more confident, and be more productive.
  3. Take a walk – As simple as it sounds, taking a lap around the block or visiting the doggos at the park can be entirely mood altering, especially on a sunny day.
  4. Work in a quiet space – We’re no strangers to chaos here at Founder Shield (between sales calls, random throwback Thursday singalongs, and all of the animals), and it’s important to know you have a quiet place to retreat to for those crazy/loud/busy days.
  5. Mental health days! – Days can be long and draining, especially during the dark and cold winter months, so it’s important to take some personal time when you feel like you’re hitting a wall (having a flexible vacation policy makes this that much easier!)


Figuring out what works best for you on a personal level will ultimately be most effective. It’s important to keep mental health and stress management at the forefront of your mind during the workweek. Don’t be afraid to lean on your team and vocalize when you need a break.

Happy, healthy team members are integral to the success of any organization, so keep these tips in mind when you feel like it’s time to refocus and get back to 100%.

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