It’s that time of year again! Time to bundle up, be with family and look back on what you have to be thankful for. We at Founder Shield are lucky enough to work with some of the most exciting and ground-breaking companies in the world…and many of those companies are doing a lot of good in the world.  So, like we do each year, we want to shine a light on just a few of these outstanding teams and say thank you for making the world a better place!

Cove is the first bottle of water made entirely of biodegradable material.  The material, PHA, will break down into CO₂, water, and organic waste; this will happen in compost or a landfill, and even in the ocean. Plastic takes thousands of years to disintegrate, but it will never really go away; Cove is more like a flower or an orange peel than plastic. Cove’s long-term vision is to move to this method in order to produce carbon-negative bottles.

Hello Heart is a clinically-based smartphone solution for patients to track, understand and improve their chronic conditions. Users are able to build healthy tracking habits and improve their health in real time with an easy-to-use smartphone application. Our solution empowers users to identify health risks in time and potentially save lives.

Founded in 2013, they have cultivated a transparent, collaborative and fun company culture with a strong, go-getter team, driven to change the way patients address their health.

RapidSOS is a technology company in the emergency communications field, providing life-saving data from millions of connected devices directly to 9-1-1 and first responders, resulting in a more effective response for over 150 million emergencies annually. 

Whether it’s a connected car in a crash, a smart home during a fire, a wearable in a medical incident, or a mobile app during a natural disaster, information from IoT devices can transform emergency response. RapidSOS puts situational emergency data in the hands of 9-1-1 and first responders to help them save more lives.

FreeWill is an online service that provides legal forms and legal information. FreeWill is an award-winning social venture founded by graduate students at Stanford University in 2016, with the help and support of many of the world’s leading experts in law, design, and philanthropy.The company is making estate planning warm, accessible, and totally free – so that you can more easily care for the people and causes you love.

Gallant’s mission is to advance the field of stem cell medicine, and bring its life-changing treatments to pets everywhere. The Gallant team is a collective of respected veterinarians, scientists, and dedicated entrepreneurs whos work is the result of over 100 yeats of regenerative medicine experiences and a commitment to invest millions into the future of stem cell therapies.

Clara Health developed a platform for patients to find clinical trials that fit them best and connect them with the researchers in need of patients. From Forbes 30 under 30 2018: “One of the biggest costs in drug development is finding patients for clinical trials. Sol Chen and Evan Ehrenberg’s Clara Health is working to streamline the process, like a for patients and experimental treatments.”  

We hope you have a great holiday weekend!

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