Are you planning a Series A venture round? We’ve assembled this guide to provide key insights and tips to help you nail your Series A round without overloading you with information. Our goal is to provide ambitious, high-growth companies with the necessary tools and advice to successfully raise Series A funding on their own terms.

We’ve included advice from interviews with Mike Rogers from Interplay and Harlan Milkove from Foundational (with more to be added shortly).  Admittedly there’s always a difference between advice on paper and how that advice plays out in real life. Every situation is different and there are always variables unique to your company but our hope is that this guide will fill in some gaps and help direct you on the right path.



  • Getting Ready for Your Series A: Fundraising Strategy

    No hard and fast rules exist regarding prerequisites for your Series A fundraising strategy but consider these insider guidelines to get the most out of your professional pursuits.

  • Finding the Right VC

    The art of finding the right VC for your professional future and what it takes to make that relationship happen.

  • How to Create the Perfect Pitch Deck

    When you pursue a round of venture capital (VC) funding, the presentation doing your bidding is called a pitch deck. In other words, it typically serves as the workhorse in this whole process. To start the presentation on the right foot, let’s talk about the first couple of slides.

  • The Series A Term Sheet

    A term sheet is a blueprint for future legal documents. Although it’s not legally binding in itself, it does outline the conditions for a specific investment.

  • Get Directors & Officers Insurance

    No matter your aim, securing directors & officers (D&O) insurance is likely on your to-do list to help you come across as legit. More importantly, this coverage makes you legit, covering vital aspects of your company’s leadership.

  • Negotiating and Closing Your Series A

    Negotiating details as well as how to close your Series A successfully

  • Series A Success Story: An Interview with Fig

    We spoke with Justin Bailey of Fig about his experience on successfully closing a Series A round. He has some great tips and shares important lessons for founders embarking on their funding journey.

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