At Founder Shield, we believe in work being fun, even when there’s work to do (which there always is). How else could you justify spending at least half your life working?

As a member of our People team, my job is to not only to take care of the details of things like recruiting, onboarding, and payroll, but it’s also to make sure every employee enjoys what they’re doing and the people they’re doing it with. We like to say we are classy greek life, and I think it fits.

So, what do we do and how do we do it? Look no further…

A strong sense of belonging – we are family (doo doo doo doo)


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FS Thanksgiving 2017!

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Bringing people together gives them a stronger sense of belonging, so we create many different opportunities for people to socialize outside of the office. Everything from happy hours (they happen often) to fun team outings (who doesn’t love a good Japanese game show or seeing their CEO trapeze) can help people bond and create real memories. At FS, we’re lucky to have the best and brightest working together as part of one amazing real (work) family.

Celebrating Founder Shield’s achievements

Celebrating company achievements creates a sense of pride and belonging for all employees. Whether its putting in a ton of work to get a new business to sign, helping clients add or change their policies when their business grows, getting the best possible quote from an underwriter or even just beating the high score in FIFA (this is most important for many) – we’re all in this together, and we all contribute to the success of the company. We all take pride in our achievements, and the People team helps to make sure we all take the time to celebrate – with more FIFA.

People growth = company growth

Founder Shield is a growing company. We believe in healthy growth and hiring the best people for the job. We’re working hard to build our brand and define our culture; to add to all the great people that currently work and want to work here. Even more important for our growth is how we develop our people internally, so they can thrive and grow with the company, because when our people grow, Founder Shield grows.

Healthy and Full employees at Founder Shield


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WE PLAY BASKETBALL 🏀 #LifeAtFounderShield #startup #coworkers #insurance #intramurals #basketball #sports #team

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Hard workers usually equals hungry workers. We are fully stocked with all sorts of snacks, from healthy to, well, not so healthy. If food is being eaten (and it always is), people usually want to work it off. We give people the tools to improve their health because it increases the happiness and productivity of both the employees and the company. This includes everything from gym memberships to group workout classes and league sports teams. This way, people are satisfied inside and out.


We love hanging out with each other, and try to offer something for everyone. We’re proud to share these moments, promote our amazingly unique culture, and give you a glimpse into #LifeAtFounderShield.

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