Overview of the On-Demand Food Delivery Industry

Food delivery has transformed into one of the most competitive industries with the likes of start-ups, restaurants, and grocers all vying for a piece of the pie. In less than 5 years the percentage of online food delivery orders has doubled (Gloria Food). Those who succeed in the space will need to solve the complex challenge of how to insure themselves when rushing food to a demanding customer base.

Part of the task is speed: 44% of people are likely to order food for delivery more often if restaurants could offer them faster delivery times (Gloria Food). The blueprint for success in food delivery involves deciding whether to own or outsource the fleet of delivery vehicles and which mode of transport to use (i.e. car, bike, scooter).

Other considerations include, how will each delivery be tracked and what procedures will be used to screen the food couriers. This is some of the key information that will be required from underwriters to develop a scalable insurance policy. See below for more on applicable insurance coverages and recommendations for On-Demand Food delivery companies.

growth of the on demand food delivery industry

What Insurance do On-Demand Food Delivery companies need?

What Underwriters take into account

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