Why do social media influencers need insurance?

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  • Broad coverage for media activities and related
  • Legal defense costs included if you get sued, even if the suit is baseless
  • Customized premiums tailored to the number of followers
  • Platform# of Followers 
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Agencies and Talent Managers Need it too

  • Agencies carrying this insurance get extra protection where there ordinary insurance might have gaps
  • Our product protects you, your agency and can also be extended to cover the influencers you use on campaigns
  • This gives you an advantage over other agencies since you’re coming to a project already with the insurance your client or customer will demand.

Brands Should Demand it

  • In litigation, the deepest pockets are always sued
  • Your contracts usually require that your brand gets protection from your getting dragged into litigation (over intellectual property matters, defamation…)
  • The contractual promise that an influencer will defend your brand in litigation may not be enough. Plaintiffs will still want to go after the brand.
  • Make sure your agencies and the influencers you use have adequate insurance that includes providing a defense to your brand if the claim arises from the influencer campaign.