Have you ever wondered why current group health plans are so expensive? Have you ever wanted to find a way around paying those high premiums and save your company money? Well, Igloo Health is here to guide you around paying those record high health insurance premiums in the current marketplace.

It’s likely your current broker hasn’t let you in on this.. But, the secret is simple! It starts with getting your group medically underwritten. This means using medical or health information in the evaluation of applicants for coverage. Medical underwriting will make premiums based on the health/risk of your entire group, and is typically much more cost effective than what the average market will tell you to pay.

Now, you may be thinking this will require a lot of extra work on your part, but the reality is that it simply does not. The only additional information the carriers will need to collect is a quick medical questionnaire (sent securely direct from the carriers) that asks simple questions about each employee’s health. Carriers mainly use this information to look for serious health risks like cancer and are not going to punish your group for common medications.

The next question you may ask yourself is “How much money can we save?” The answer: a lot! Being accepted into these underwritten programs with this one simple step can save groups upwards of 30% per employee, per month on their premiums.


Want to learn more?

If your group is relatively healthy, without any major health concerns, please feel free to contact us directly to discuss saving money (the right way) by getting your group medically underwritten today!

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