Health & Benefits Overview

Health Insurance and Employee Benefits can be a stressful and overwhelming topic and experience for any company. Having the right broker changes everything! We will help guide and navigate your company through everything, from Open Enrollment, to Claims Issues and daily benefits management.

It doesn’t matter if you currently have a broker or not. Making Founder Shield your Broker of Record (BOR) is simple and easy. Our goal is to make the process of getting customized coverage a positive experience. We make sure you are getting the best price, the proper package and service for your entire team. More than that, we maintain and service your account, handling any and all issues, claims and questions.

Our Health & Benefits Capabilities

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Who Needs Employee Health & Benefits?

The VC community is in a unique position whereby the workforce is predominantly at a stage where they are starting families. Employers need to understand when and how to take that into account in offering a benefits package. It doesn’t matter if you’re launching a health and benefits program for the first time or not happy with your current broker/PEO we can help if you’re:

Launching for the first time: 
For younger companies, offering an Employee Benefits plan can act as a means to attract talent. We work with early-stage startups and understand how important it is to build out and talented team. Having a health & benefits program in place gives candidates peace of mind to apply.

Considering a PEO: 
Depending on your situation, a PEO might be the best option for you. Some companies like to outsource operations such as Payroll and HR support until it’s fiscally responsible to hire in-house to manage these tasks. We have direct relationships with PEOs across the country and will find the best match for your business.

Outgrowing a PEO:
Companies quickly outgrowing their PEO whereby it does not make sense to pay exorbitant fees on a per-employee basis anymore. For quickly growing companies it can act as an employee retention tool, as it shows investment into the company personnel.

Our Health & Benefits Features

  • Benefits Management System including integrated payroll and online 24/7 helpdesk for staff
  • Online client enrollment change and termination portal
  • Consumerism experts with the ability to maximize tax subsidies for employers and employees navigating Federal, State and local exchanges
  • Quarterly Benefits review and Benchmarking
  • Payroll deduction report by employee
  • Maintains electronic Life Insurance and 401k Plan Beneficiary Records
  • Complete COBRA Admin - Notification, billing and collection
  • Compliance/Human Resource Experts & HIPPA Administration
  • Average experience of our service people is 10+ years focus on employers with 25+ employees

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Health & Benefits FAQs

Have questions about our Health & Benefits plans? We’ve put together a list of FAQs that might help, but always feel free to reach out to an account executive at 646.854.1058 or

What is the average price per employee for group benefits?
The short answer is that there is no set price, and that’s the beauty of it. Depending on your company size, location, and insurance product you elect to use, your price can vary tremendously. For example, in California age is the main determining factor, whereas in New York the age of your employees is, does not have an impact on rates.
Can you offer better pricing than my current PEO?
PEOs charge on a “per employee” basis which are very competitive. However, when you add in monthly fees, your bill can add up quickly. We exist to offer competitive options against PEOs.
What makes one plan more expensive than the other?
There are many factors that go into determining different price points in comparing plans. This can include, but is not limited to, carrier network, overall deductible, location, etc.
How long is the quoting process?
If you are located in New York, we can turn around quotes in 24 hours. For all other states, we typically turn around quotes in 3 to 5 business days.
How much time do I need to properly get my plan in place on time?
Typically, companies need 6-8 weeks to complete this process. This also accounts for giving your employees enough time to evaluate their options and choose the right plan for them.
Does Founder Shield take a fee for their service?
How do I qualify?
To qualify for coverage, you only need 1 non-owner W2 employee.

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